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First time here? Are you confused and frightened by the pretty pictures? Let me fill you in:

This is a comic about forest creatures. Forest creatures that drink alcohol and talk like people. now, there is no specific term describing these creatures, so I've made one up: "Anthropomorphidrunks". I could have named the comic Anthropomorphodrunks in the first place, to ease confusion, but it doesnt roll off your tongue like "just another vice" (plus, I just made it up while writing this.)

This strip centers around a few specific anthropomorphodrunks in particular:

  • Trout - A lazy drunken bear. Trout doesn't really care about anything and basically flys by the seat of his non-existant pants. Trout is actually based on an animation I did for the Seattle Art Insititute's Studio 101 program.
  • Tac - Tac is an animal. Tac is more of a straight man, but he does have his quirks. He's generally pretty cinical, despite his love for a certain boy band.

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