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Over the years, I've been to school several times. In school, I was frequently told that I did not always live up to my "potential". I can't imagine why, but maybe these doodles will shed some light on the situation...This page will grow in time (when I discover some more old notbooks)

All sketches presented as un-edited as possible (save for some cropping and color decreasing for file size reduction)

Portrait of a filthy scrub
This picture was done quite a long time ago (before I started the comic, actually) but because of the nature of the sketch and the subject it portrays, I have not been able to, in good conscience, display it until now. Actually it's because I'm no longer dependant on "Davey M's" scanner so I can upload this rather humorous portrayal of what I thought he would look like a few years from the making of this picture. To the easily offended: (why are you reading my comic anyway?) This picture does contain some mild Sexual and Drug-Related references. It's also layered with in-jokes that none of you will ever understand, but are pretty goddamm funny to me. Enjoy.

The Molotov Popsicle Chronicles
These are the chronicles of the dreaded Molotov Popsicle, a maniacally refreshing snack, hell-bent on world domination. These were all drawn in 10th grade on college-rule paper within a two or three day period during class, with whatever pen I had handy. The lack of eraseability provided by pens (and probably the lack of time spent on them) have made these comics disturbingly bad...Enjoy! This is a serial so you may want to start at the beginning.
  • Episode One 91k (drawn in 10th grade english, if memory serves.)
  • Episode Two 41k (drawn in 10th grade photography the next day, I believe)
  • Episode Three 21k (drawn in 10th grade something, probably the same day as episode 2)

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