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The Cast

Specal Matter: He's a bear.
About: A playful fellow who has no definite plans for the future beyond binge drinking and Hibernation.
Liesure Wear: When he's not eating berries naked, Trout prefers pleated skirts over Tutu's because "It's all about comfort."

Name: Tac
Specal Matter: He's...he's Tac. Just don't call him a cat.
About: Tac is kind of a straight man. He is easily aggrivated and often cynical.
Liesure Wear: Tac perpetuates an alterna-grunge persona, and dresses appropriately, despite his love of a certain boy band.

Name: Komo
Specal Matter: A little monkey
About: Komo is young and mischevious monkey. His parents were accidently killed by The Crocodile Hunter (Before he went Hollywood) when Komo was just a baby, he was then looked after by his Uncle Koko until Koko's untimely death.
Liesure Wear: Since a monkey's favorite past-time is flinging it's feces, Komo generally prefers to go naked, but he keeps some sunglasses around because they make him look cool.

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